Before You Fly Off – Volume Two

As a follow-up to Volume One, I continue my conversation with our troubled daughters and stressed out parents by focusing my attention on even more serious matters, now that both daughter and guardian have overcome typical teen concerns and are now ready to face the challenges of young womanhood. 

Before You Fly Off initially started off as a father’s personal attempt to save his teenage daughter from peer pressure and self-destructive habits. In this follow-up, my daughter is now entering young adulthood and now a willing participant in the discussion where she is able to even help me become a more effective parent.  The book speaks directly to its reader with a language that is relatable and culturally-relevant. Topics include depression, skin color matters, dating, weight and self-image concerns, coping with an absentee father, more parenting tips, and how to effectively communicate.

The point of this on-going discussion is for all our daughters to gain a strong sense of themselves not because they’re that ‘fine’, but because they FEEL fine!

Before You Fly Off - Volume Two:
Fatherly advice for young women defining their womanhood.

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’Before You Fly Off’ is what parents wish their children benefit from before making all the mistakes self destruction and peer pressure can lead to. Although posed as a father to a daughter, this advice can be from any adult targeted to an adolescent to young adult in hopes of guiding them to the mind set of socializing into maturing, responsible, respectful and accountable human beings.

Kahlil Koromantee touches on things that parents want to get around to discussing but often fail to because frustrations, anger and disappointments get in the way. With a hint of humor, for the parents trying to build character and integrity in their children, the lessons contained in “Before You Fly Off” are a MUST.
— OOSA Online Book Club

"What did I ever see in him? But that’s just it. What you were looking for in him was what you were looking for in YOU! This is why it’s very important that you learn how to develop a relationship with yourself first. Because when you put the focus on you, you see love and life from a more empowering place instead of a ‘poor me’ mindset. I’m not trying to tell you to become self-absorbed, just self-reliant.

When you rely on yourself for emotional rescue, you don’t become dependent on a man to make you happy. As a matter of fact, it’s your responsibility to create your happiness. Others can add to it, but it’s not fair for you to expect a boyfriend to do the work of resolving your inner turmoil for you; and that’s what it comes down to. Doing the work. Your work."