Thank you for visiting my website. I offer solutions to parent stress, teacher and counselor challenges and to the youth themselves who seek answers to their complex questions. 

My training is in Applied Psychology and Secondary Education. I provide life coaching classes and workshops for teens and young adults who want to learn how to better manage their personal lives.

My focus population is the most marginalized; more specifically, youth of African descent from under-represented communities, part of the criminal or family court system, in or aging out of foster care, attending anger management classes, transitioning from High School to College, or struggling with sexual or cultural identity conflicts.


My philosophy on youth advocacy is straight forward. I believe in the advocacy of all our youth, not only the ones who don't challenge our personal beliefs. In my 25+ years working with hard to reach teens and young adults, I'm constantly learning to recognize the marginalized within the marginalized. Whether I'm managing an alternative educational site for 16-24ylds in need of educational services and work readiness or counseling more specific populations like the incarcerated or LGBT youth, my overall mission is to help increase emotional health, academic performance, job placement and housing by helping our young sons and daughters see themselves beyond their circumstances. 


K Books are part of an on-going book series on how to positively and effectively motivate hard to reach youth. I am especially concerned about underserved Black young males and females who could benefit from a non-traditional educational and counseling approach. 

I’ve also written several essays on socio-political events concerning the pan-African Family. And my prose and poetry collections, The Dredlocks Tree (1999) and Throw (2018) reflect the makings and transformation of a man coming into his own. Read essays

A conversation with Kahlil Koromantee introducing current and future book projects: Watch video


I am a New York State certified English teacher who uses life-coaching techniques specifically geared for teens and young adults whose personal conflicts get in the way of their academic success and overall development.    


I approach the healing of our sons and daughters from a culturally and socially relevant place of reference. We are witnessing a national crisis. Our children are not children. They are dealing with serious life-changing concerns. But so are we. Black people are at a crossroads once again. Either we move forward with others’ progress or we learn how to re-integrate our ethnic and philosophical differences in order to solve our own problems for ourselves.


Both BronxConnect and the Andrew Glover Youth Program are alternative interventions to incarcerating convicted teenagers and young adults.  At BronxConnect, I serve as a consultant for students needing counseling and off-site intervention exercises, including hiking while incorporating journaling as a way of helping participants channel their emotional struggles through recreational activities as they gain insight into their self-destructive mindset and behavior, so that they're able to improve their academics and lead more productive lives. At Andrew Glover, I helped develop their life skills initiative through vocational and general life coaching, and assisted those making the transition from High School to community college.

Yo! Baltimore is another youth program I’m affiliated with. My book, ‘Message to a Youngblood’ is part of their curriculum. SOBRO and Harlem Justice Scholars (HJS) are two other alternative youth programs I've worked with and support.

I'm also the educational advisor, writing instructor and Board Member for Prisonwrites.org, a therapeutic writing initiative for young men and women either incarcerated, detained or recently released.